Sunday, 3 November 2013

An Interview with... ME!

I participated in an interview with Mode Talent a while ago, and I thought I would post in our blog to maybe give you a little bit of insight into my world and the Dat Girl world.

Hope you like it xx


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Today we caught up with young female entrepreneur Sarah Tarrant from Dat Girl online fashion boutique. Sarah is a wonderful example of dedication, hard work and following your passions. We were also lucky enough to have had our gorgeous fashion Model Kaitlin take part in a shoot with Dat girl earlier in the year.
Name: Sarah Tarrant
Occupation/ business: Owner – Director of Dat Girl
Country of Residence: Australia
Website/ Twitter/ Facebook: @datgirlclothing/
Tell us a little bit about your business. What do you do? Dat Girl is an online clothing boutique based in Sydney, Australia. Dat Girl aims to provide young women with clothes that leave them feeling confident and like they can take on the world! We want our customers to feel like the girl who leaves others wondering, because we believe everyone has been Dat Girl.  We are proud of our high level of customer service, our user friendly website and our huge range of fast fashion. At Dat Girl you will never see an item selling for more than $200, because we believe fabulous isn’t created by a price tag.
As the owner of Dat Girl, I fill many roles from buyer to marketer, accountant, receptionist and retail assistant. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for Dat Girl.
Why did you start your business? I always had a drive to start my own business and create something my way, but I guess I was always too scared. In the past few years I became a huge online shopper and I found great deals by searching through many online stores, I bragged about the bargains I got and I often got complimented on the pieces I found. One day a light bulb went off and I realised I needed to combine these two insticts to create an online store for all young women to get the latest fashion at a good price. I wanted to share my experience of feeling great in an outfit, without spending all of my paycheck.
What are your favourite things about running your business? Hmmm.. well I have to say the HUGE wardrobe is pretty awesome! Apart from the wardrobe I absolutely love getting positive feedback from customer’s who have loved wearing our clothes and I am actually really enjoying the huge learning curve that is running your own business. I feel like every day with Dat Girl I am growing as a person and a business owner, and improving Dat Girl. Watching Dat Girl grow gives me an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride.
What are your future goals for your business? My main goal at the moment is to just keep growing the brand. I would love Dat Girl to be an online boutique people know and remember for on trend, affordable fashion and GREAT customer service.
Your favourite inspiration/ motivation/ business quote?  “Life is too short” – I think without this quote, I would have never taken the plunge to start Dat Girl.
Tell us, what is your Vice? I am always on my iPhone, checking emails, writing Facebook statuses, posting funny photos or playing on Instagram. I never really stop.
The 4 words that best describe your business?  Young, Fun, Fabulous and Affordable.

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