Sunday, 3 November 2013

An Interview with... ME!

I participated in an interview with Mode Talent a while ago, and I thought I would post in our blog to maybe give you a little bit of insight into my world and the Dat Girl world.

Hope you like it xx


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Today we caught up with young female entrepreneur Sarah Tarrant from Dat Girl online fashion boutique. Sarah is a wonderful example of dedication, hard work and following your passions. We were also lucky enough to have had our gorgeous fashion Model Kaitlin take part in a shoot with Dat girl earlier in the year.
Name: Sarah Tarrant
Occupation/ business: Owner – Director of Dat Girl
Country of Residence: Australia
Website/ Twitter/ Facebook: @datgirlclothing/
Tell us a little bit about your business. What do you do? Dat Girl is an online clothing boutique based in Sydney, Australia. Dat Girl aims to provide young women with clothes that leave them feeling confident and like they can take on the world! We want our customers to feel like the girl who leaves others wondering, because we believe everyone has been Dat Girl.  We are proud of our high level of customer service, our user friendly website and our huge range of fast fashion. At Dat Girl you will never see an item selling for more than $200, because we believe fabulous isn’t created by a price tag.
As the owner of Dat Girl, I fill many roles from buyer to marketer, accountant, receptionist and retail assistant. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for Dat Girl.
Why did you start your business? I always had a drive to start my own business and create something my way, but I guess I was always too scared. In the past few years I became a huge online shopper and I found great deals by searching through many online stores, I bragged about the bargains I got and I often got complimented on the pieces I found. One day a light bulb went off and I realised I needed to combine these two insticts to create an online store for all young women to get the latest fashion at a good price. I wanted to share my experience of feeling great in an outfit, without spending all of my paycheck.
What are your favourite things about running your business? Hmmm.. well I have to say the HUGE wardrobe is pretty awesome! Apart from the wardrobe I absolutely love getting positive feedback from customer’s who have loved wearing our clothes and I am actually really enjoying the huge learning curve that is running your own business. I feel like every day with Dat Girl I am growing as a person and a business owner, and improving Dat Girl. Watching Dat Girl grow gives me an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride.
What are your future goals for your business? My main goal at the moment is to just keep growing the brand. I would love Dat Girl to be an online boutique people know and remember for on trend, affordable fashion and GREAT customer service.
Your favourite inspiration/ motivation/ business quote?  “Life is too short” – I think without this quote, I would have never taken the plunge to start Dat Girl.
Tell us, what is your Vice? I am always on my iPhone, checking emails, writing Facebook statuses, posting funny photos or playing on Instagram. I never really stop.
The 4 words that best describe your business?  Young, Fun, Fabulous and Affordable.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Where we are this month...

Letting you know where you can come and see our pieces and shop the Dat Girl range in person...
June 18-30 - We will be at Miranda Westfield, outside General Pants
July 6th - We are attending Fash n Treasure Market in Canberra
July 7th - We will be in our usual spot at Sydney Boutique Markets, Rouse Hill
July 14th - Come down and see us at Kirribilli Fashion Markets

Monday, 10 June 2013


I am ashamed to admit that before this year, I had never attended/seen the Vivid Lights Festival in Sydney.
I am so glad I finally made time to go and see the amazing light installations around Sydney this year, they are just breathtaking and really something special. I love how it transforms these buildings that as a Sydneysider, I see week in and week out.
Did you get to go and see Vivid?
Here are a few pictures I took on the night for those who missed out...
(sorry for the poor iPhone quality)



Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Foxy Fridays

If you are in Sydney and need an excuse to head out on Friday night... well we have one for you!!!
For the first time ever, Dat Girl pieces will be seen on the runway at Whaat Club this Friday, 7th June.
Hope to see you there....

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Driven Series: Interview with Tanja from Golden Pixie

I met Tanja along time before Dat Girl was born, through some mutual friends. Recently, Tanja embarked upon a new journey with her very own online jewellery boutique; Golden Pixie.

I am a huge fan of Golden Pixie's unique and beautiful range and I can't really pick a favourite, but the Sienna necklace has been a love of mine for a while now. 

I will always be a supporter of any business, like Dat Girl, that aims to instill confidence in women!

Shop the Golden Pixie range here.

The Interview

How old are you?


What is your current position?
Owner of Golden Pixie
Tell me about Golden Pixie..
Golden Pixie is an online boutique jewellery store based in Sydney that works on the concept that beauty is subjective, i.e. 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. It's really about instilling confidence into women to wear and do as they please. Clothes and accessories are the items that allow women to bring out their personality and differentiate them from the girl next door. Golden Pixie is aimed at providing great pieces at affordable prices and encouraging women to be no one else but themselves.
Have you always worked around jewellery? 
No, have always loved it, but only just started! Very exciting.

Why did you start Golden Pixie?

I noticed along the way that so many people are worried about being judged by others in relation to their style and what they choose to wear. I strongly disagree with anyone that looks at another women and says 'Oh God, what is she wearing and who made her choose those shoes with that skirt?!' I think beauty is a very subjective thing and people should dress to feel beautiful. I would love to encourage women to feel confident in outfits they love.

I'm also a lawyer by day and am currently finishing off my Masters in Law, I really needed something to change up my day. I started to feel like law was starting to be a burden and I don't want that to happen. I love the challenges that come with being a lawyer, it's a lot of hard work but also something I really enjoy. Fashion is something completely opposite to this and so Golden Pixie seemed like a logical step to provide me with that variety.

Would you ever open a retail store?
Sure! If that's where Golden Pixie took me. There are so many different avenues projects can take you, I'm excited to see where I end up with Golden Pixie.

What do you want Golden Pixie to achieve before you would consider it "successful"?

If people gain confidence wearing Golden Pixie because they like the pieces and are not really phased whether or not someone else likes it, or is blogging about it, or advertising it. Sometimes people forget what matters is what they think is beautiful and not anyone else. Golden Pixie's tag line really encompasses what we are about - beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, if we can get people to realise this and do so through wearing our pieces, then I think it would be a success.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge in starting your own business?

The initial start up phase and how much work it actually is. Stuff like getting an ABN/registering a business name, creating a website, liaising with suppliers, stock checks, photos, social media and marketing plans! Working full time and running Golden Pixie is a lot of work and I really couldn’t have started it without my boyfriend Damiaan. He is such a great support and is always full of fabulous ideas!

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about owning my own business in the fashion industry is that it gives me access to a number of fashion shows and trade shows, it allows me to see the new trends before they even hit the retail stores. It's like being in on a big, exciting secret that is about to explode any minute!

What is the hardest thing about your job?

It's a business where you have to keep on top of things all the time. Fashion is constantly changing and keeping up with different styles in a challenge. I find that you can never stop in this industry, because if you do, you run the risk of undoing all of your hard work. I am lucky to have such a great support team especially my gorgeous mum, my sister Vanja and my boyfriend Damiaan, they're all for the work I do, are a great help and behind me 110 percent.

What is a typical day in the life of Tanja?

This is a hard one because I have so many different things going on depending on the time of year. At the moment I would say my average day would be a wake up call at 5.30am to be at the gym by 6.30am, after a hard session I head to my lawyer job where it’s all systems go, all the time (seeing clients, court hearings, meetings, running around like a mad woman really), I get home to do some study for my Masters and then use my relax time to do Golden Pixie work. (I always wish for more hours in the day!)

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

I love shoes, bags, jewellery and clothes! I have a bad day and go shopping... it definitely makes me feel better - but I can't say the same for my credit card!

What are your 3 staple clothing items?

Going into the colder months I would go with a leather jacket, a funky winter hat/beanie and a pair of ankle boots.

What is your most current worn item in your closet right now? item...? I would go with a scarf my grandma knitted for me. It's absolutely fabulous! It brings a little character to my corporate suits and keeps me warm during the cooler weekends.

What is your MUST HAVE for the colder months?

Given that I am always cold I would go with scarves, some nice leather gloves and a leather jacket! Use them as statement pieces to bring life into your outfits!

What is the perfect relaxation day for Tanja?

Relaxation? I don't know if I remember what that feels like.. ha ha, kidding! I love the beach. There is something extremely relaxing about listening to the waves break and being in the ocean, it's almost like all your stress gets washed away. My boyfriend bought me a surfboard for Christmas and is determined to teach me how to surf. He swears that surfing takes relaxation on the beach to a whole new level.

What advice would you give other young ladies wanting to start their own business?

It is harder than what you could ever imagine it to be. The countless hours may frustrate you, the brick walls you hit will irritate you, but when you see results, every sleepless night becomes well worth it. Don't stop because it gets hard, it's overcoming the challenges that make it all so rewarding.


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Driven Series Interview: Charlotte from Winston and Willow

Charlotte's beautiful photos in the USA popping up on my Facebook newsfeed and I just knew she was a great candidate for our Driven Series of Interviews.
As a young, driven (and gorgeous) Australian female, Charlotte moved to America for personal reasons and started to blog...  she is now taking the blogging and fashion world on, one day at a time.

We wish Charlotte all the best in her adventures, which you can follow at

The Interview
How old are you?
I am 24
Tell me about Winston & Willow...
Winston & Willow is a fashion and travel blog, with a few recipes and reviews thrown in. I try not to define it too much, but basically it is my life and style through images, documenting the fashions and the things that I come across through my travels.
What was the inspiration behind Winston &Willow?

I've always been a lover of fashion since I was little, and as I am always traveling I wanted a way to show my friends and family my photos as a lot of them didn't use facebook etc. As I am a huge lover of fashion and photography, I felt it would be a really great way to showcase both of these things.
What are you currently working on?

I am contstantly working on bulding my blogs audience, but I am specifically working on collaborations with designers/brands at the moment.
Why did you start blogging?
I've been a follower of all types of blogs for years now, especially Australian fashion blogs such as Tuula Vintage and Gary Pepper, and loved the idea of traveling the world, taking photos and wearing amazing clothes. As I am always moving back and forth to different countries, I wanted to create something that could move wherever I went, and that wouldn't hold me down to one place, which blogging definitely doesn't do.
What are your goals for the blog?
I initially started my blog as a hobby whilst I was living overseas, but have really grown to love it and could really see myself doing this full time.


What do you see as the main differences between American and Australian fashion?
I have had the oppurtuntiy to travel to some of America's largest cities: New York, Boston, Washing DC, LA etc, and found that the fashion in these cities are very comparable to what you would find in Sydney and Melbourne. However, once you get out of these main cities, there are no cute little boutiques like what you find back in Australia. Out in the suburbs you will find the same stores in each suburb, such as H&M, Forever 21, American Eagle etc, and although these shops are great, it can become a little repetitive. I'm definitely missing Australian shopping, that's for sure!

What do you think is the hardest thing for new bloggers?
Definitely getting your blog out there and gaining followers. There are so many fashion blogs out there these days so it is hard to differenciate yourself from one another. All of the social media that you have to keep up with (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) plus the blog itself is a lot of work, and it can be quite daunting. It really is a full time job!

What is the best thing about blogging?
Blogging is such a worldwide thing, so you have the ability to meet people on the other side of the world without leaving your computer. That and attending some really good events, and the freebies of course.

What is a typical day in the life of Charlotte?
I try and do an outfit shoot every 2 days, so if it's a day we are shooting it is typically remuging through my wardrobe, finding a place to shoot, then coming home and editing photos. On the days we aren't shooting you can usually find me shopping, either online or regular shopping, chatting to other bloggers, answering emails and contacting clients. The great thing about blogging however is that everyday is different.
What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Definitely wine and cheese. And spending way too much money on clothes.


What are your 3 staple clothing items?
Choosing 3 is so hard! Here in the United States we are just coming out of winter, but I'm coming back to Australia in May for the start of their winter. So with that in mind I would definitely say a good pair of black ankle boots, a tailored black blazer, and a really good leather jacket. I feel like these items are so verstaille and can be worn with pretty much everything, and I always feel myself grabbing for them in my closet everyday!

What is the current most worn item in your closet right now?
I bought a pair of Vince Camuto suede ankle boots with gold buckels when I was in New York a few weeks back which haven't left my feet. As much as I love heels, I'm not good at lasting in them all day and love a good pair of comfortable flats, and these are some of the comfiest, most stylish shoes I've found in a while.

What is your must have item for the colder months?
We are lucky in Australia that it doesn't get that cold so we don't need to rug up as much, but I am a big lover of the classic black leather riding boot teamed with a great pair of jeans. Wear that this upcoming season with a coat trimmed in leather; I picked one up at Zara in London in November and have received so many compliments on it, and can't wait to bring in back to Australia to wear it for another season.

What is a perfect relaxation day for Charlotte?
I love to cook, so on the days where we don't have much on I love to plan an extravagent meal to cook, with wine, of course.


Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers?
- I think it is really important to build and maintain relationships with fellow bloggers, as it can feel like a pretty lonely thing typing into your computer day after day. These relationships will help your blog grow in the long run, plus you can meet some amazing people.
- Invest in a good quality camera and learn how to use it. I see so many blogs out there with low res images either taken on self timers or on their iPhones. Images a key to a blogs success, and if you look at the most successful blogs out there, they aren't using their iPhones (except for Instagram images) to take photos for their blog. Even if you want to write a travel, lifestyle, DIY etc blog, high quality professional images will make you and your blog look just that: professional.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Our Picks: 2013 Logies

It seems the red and dark tones, along with the sparkles and lace were out in force at this years TV week Logie Awards.
Here are some of our favourite looks from the night.
What was your favourite??